The Bengal Queen “Duma”

Bengal cat DUMA movie Poster CATARISTOCRAT

Queen of Cataristocrat
[Total: 106 Average: 4.9]
Breed Bengal
Color Black Silver Spotted Tabby
Color code BEN ns 24
PKdef N/N
FIV/FeLV (2018)- negative
HCM (2016)- clean
Registration TICA-logo cataristocrat cattery  WCF-logo cataristocrat cattery
Genetic formula Apb/a-B/B-C/cs-D/D-I/I-L/L-tstb
SBT SBT 072614 052
Date of birth July 26, 2014
Generation Bengal cat GENERATION
Status Retired

Born in the cattery, Duma is our adored personal cat. From day one, we knew this bright little girl would stay with us. Her wild appearance delights us day after day. Duma loves direct contact and never refuses to play. She has a strong body, a nice profile, a thick tail and a stunning multicolored coat.