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Olga Shatokhina is a breeder of Bengal and Oriental cats
Breeder – felinologist

My name is Olga Shatokhina. My family and I are happy to present our small in-home cattery specializing in modern-looking, solid-colored Oriental Short Hair and Siamese cats. I have certificates from courses in felinology, have also completed various other courses in this field, and continue to constantly draw knowledge from new sources. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but I worked as a lawyer for many years. Now I am doing what I like surrounded by cats.

Our cattery is located in Ashland, Ohio. The best way to contact us is to send an email. It helps to avoid any misunderstandings and keeps all details of the conversation on hand. We started breeding Oriental Short Hair and Siamese cats in 2010. Our cattery is registered with the International Cat Association (TICA). Each CatAristocrat’s cat and kitten has a TICA Certificate of Registration.

We are small in-home cattery. There is no special facility or separate building for the cats. We breed our cats with care and devotion. Our Oriental Short Hair and Siamese kittens are raised in our house underfoot, living with us as family members. They are our companions first and foremost. We allow them to roam freely throughout the house. We trim their nails weekly so they are very accustomed to this grooming activity. All of our kittens use the litter box. We are always in touch with a licensed veterinarian to maintain each cat in good condition.

For safety reasons we don’t allow visitors. An exception is made for people who come to pick up their kittens. We understand that some people are afraid of being scammed by a breeder, but those same people might not let strangers come to their house. We have three children, and their safety comes first for us.

Kittens for sale in our cattery

Usually our kittens are reserved during the first three weeks of their lives. Our customers are financially protected by payment through PayPal, and we sign a contract. Our goal is to give you a healthy, beautiful, and socialized, high-quality kitten with a great temperament suited to modern family life.

“Cataristocrat” Cattery

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Price range

$2800 +

We don’t sell kittens with breeding rights. All kittens leave us after being neutered or spayed, and this expense is included in our price. There are no exceptions. All our breeder cats are imported from Europe or born in our Cattery. Our kittens have a unique European style of body structure and big ears. All our cats are tested for PRA (progressive Progressive Retinal Atrophy), FIV/FeLV, and are parasite-free. We feed our cats and kittens with premium quality food (Orijen, Acana, Go!, KOHA, and for some cats, Royal Canine). All kittens are vaccinated by licensed veterinarian doctors. The kittens visit the veterinarian at least three times before they leave us.

All Oriental and Siamese kittens leave our cattery with a TICA’s pedigree (not just a breeder slip), a microchip with registration in a database, results of the fecal test, and FIV/FeLV test (feline leukemia and immunodeficiency), a rabies certificate, and a health guarantee. Because all our females are rested between their pregnancies, we do not produce very many kittens each year. Sometimes we offer retired cats. For our adult retired cats, we require a family without any other pets and small children. So, welcome to Cataristocrat!

* you may find our cattery in a current list of TICA registered cattery names