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Available kittens
Thank you for considering adoption as an option for adding a new furry member to your family!
Unfortunately, we do not currently have any available kittens. However, we are expecting a new litter soon and would be happy to add you to our waiting list.

Waiting list
At Cataristocrat Cattery, we are committed to breeding and raising healthy and happy kittens, and we want to ensure that each of our kittens finds a loving and caring forever home. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide the best possible experience for both our kittens and our future kitten parents.

In order to stay on our waiting list, please fill in the form. When the next litter is born we will let you know about it and you will get an email from us.

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A waiting list for retired cat
Interested in adopting one of our retired Oriental Shorthair or Siamese cats? We offer a waiting list exclusively for those who want to give our feline companions a loving forever home. Please fill in our form to stay on the list and be notified when a retired cat becomes available for adoption.

I'd like to adopt a retired cat

Contact form
This is the best way to contact us!
You can use this webform if you want to reserve a kitten/cat or you have other queries, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

General inquiry

If you would like to give us feedback or contact us via Facebook, I love to hear from you.
Feel free to get in touch with us on Facebook if you have any questions about our cattery.

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Tips for Bringing a New Oriental
or Siamese Kitten Home

Make sure they have their own belongings: Provide your kitten with their own litter box, food and water bowls, and a comfortable bed to sleep in.


Worth. Every. Penny. As a veterinarian that has taken care of animals for more than 20 years, I could not...

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Elizabeth Johnson

Natick, MA

My experience with Cataristocrat was absolutely wonderful. Olga was very helpful and knowledgeable.. and I could not love my princess...

Michelle Morris testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Michelle Morris

North Branford, CT

When I discovered the CatAristocrat website, I knew I had to make contact immediately. The site contains valuable information in...

Steven Gogatz testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Steven Gogatz

Anaheim CA

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