Frequently Asked Questions

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Please browse the most frequently asked questions about our Oriental Shorthair and Siamese cats and kittens and you may easily find the answer to your question. In this section, we try to answer any questions that you may have about our Cattery. Thank you!

What Breeds do you work with?

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We specialize in modern Shorthair Orientals. We also breed Siameses.

Do you have a special education for breeding?

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Yes! I have a diploma of felinologist. And I do a lot of continuing education in this field. And of course, experience is my main teacher. I have been breeding since 2010.
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How often do you have (or expect to have) new litters of kittens?

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Typically, we have 6-9 litters per year. Each queen is limited to 1-2 litters per year to protect their health. It is important to me to keep it low, so that I may get to know, love and kiss each baby daily, before they are ready to go to their forever homes.

Why do you have a Contract?

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A contract is designed to protect both parties, by having expectations in writing for both the buyer and the seller. It makes it easier to do business when you both have the same understanding.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

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Yes. Kittens come with a written health guarantee against serious hereditary and congenital defects. We guarantee our kittens do not have fleas, ear mites, and ringworm at the time of release.

I am opposite to vaccinations. Do you vaccinate all of your kittens?

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I will not vaccinate your kitten if you are against vaccinations, but you must let me know as soon as possible before we sign a contract. They typically receive their first vaccination around the age of 8 weeks.

If I reserve a kitten can I name them?

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If the kitten’s name has not been registered at the time of viewing, I have no problem letting the new owners choose a name for their kitten.

Do you sell kittens with breeding rights?

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We do not sell our kittens with breeding rights at the moment.

Do you offer Stud Service?

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We are a closed cattery and do not offer Stud service.

Do your kittens come with shots?

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Yes. And so much more! Kittens are vet checked before leaving. During the exam kittens are blood and stool tested negative for feline diseases and parasites. Kittens receive age appropriate vaccinations. Kittens arrive with a state-approved, vet signed health certificate showing all test results and vaccinations information.

How much do your kittens cost?

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There is no set price on our kittens. Because each kitten is unique, we price on an individual basis while considering coat color, coat appeal, body structure etc. Generally speaking, our prices range from $3000 to $5000 for kittens as pets.

Do you ship your kittens?

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We can ship our kittens via any available airline upon request, and we ensure that they are kept in a climate-controlled environment at all times during transport. The kittens are scheduled to arrive on the same day of shipping, which is usually on Friday mornings. We will provide you with a schedule, and the kittens will arrive in a carrier, so there is no need for you to bring one with you. When picking up the kitten from the airline, you will be required to show identification. Please note that shipping does not imply that we deliver the kitten to your door.

The cost for shipping within the U.S. is an additional $500, which includes a travel crate, vaccination against rabies, and a veterinarian's health travel certificate (CVI). Please check the price at the time of shipment, as the price may vary by airline. 

Alternatively, you can arrange for an independent pet nanny to hand-deliver the kitten to you, either at your doorstep or at another location of your choosing. You can find such a service online, and we can also advise you on a reputable pet nanny with whom we have worked in the past.

More about shipping and pickup

How do I reserve a kitten?

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A non-refundable deposit/holding fee of $300 for non-breeding kittens will secure a specific kitten of your choice. The deposit reserves the kitten, but it is non-refundable if you decide that you no longer want the kitten. However, if the kitten is unavailable for some reason on my part, such as due to illness or any unforeseen circumstance, I will transfer the deposit to another available kitten or provide a refund. Please note that I reserve the right to have a change of mind and keep a kitten for my breeding program that has a deposit on it. In this case, you can either wait for another kitten or have your deposit refunded.

How can I pay?

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We prefer to use PayPal (Debit or Credit cards are accepted), but you can also pay by cash or wire transfer.

How do I reserve a kitten from a future litter?

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We maintain an email list of potential clients that wish to be notified when kittens are born. Most of our kitten sales are made via the clients on the reservation list. However, we occasionally have kittens that become available for adoption due to unforeseen circumstances. This may include kittens that were previously reserved but are no longer claimed or available for some reason. We will reach out to those on our email notification list as well as those on the waiting list who have expressed interest if we have a kitten available that fits their desired traits. If you wish to be added to our waiting list for a kitten, please fill out this form.

How long do I need to wait after filling out the form to be on your waitlist?

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I cannot provide any specific timeframe. In this matter, there's little I can control. With cats, everything is just like with humans. Sometimes, it takes a few tries for a successful pregnancy; sometimes, there are miscarriages, and occasionally, stillborn kittens are born. Similarly, sometimes a cat gives birth to 5 kittens, and other times only 1 or 2. That's why I don't charge for the waiting list.
Furthermore, getting on the waiting list doesn't guarantee getting a kitten from our cattery. You need to make a good impression on me, and sometimes I decline people based on my intuition. It might sound strange, but acquiring a kitten from Cataristocrat isn't an instant process. I maintain long-term connections with many parents of our graduates. So yes, you need to make a good impression on me before I initiate our relationship.

Why do you prefer email contact versus chatting over the phone?

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I prefer email contact so that all communication has a written record of what is said and agreed upon. It eliminates any confusion about the Buyer/Seller expectations and responsibilities.

How soon after making a holding deposit am I required to pay for the remaining balance on a kitten?

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All kittens must be paid for in full, a minimum of 1 week before scheduled shipping date, or you can pay in cash at time of pickup/delivery in person.

When do you allow your kittens to leave the cattery?

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We allow our kittens to leave the cattery at a developmentally appropriate 12 to 16 weeks of age. Kittens who leave their mothers too soon are not properly socialized and can demonstrate a variety of negative behaviors from skittishness, inappropriate elimination (going outside of the box), blanket and ear sucking, and aggression. This is why you should never bring home a kitten before 12 weeks of age.

Do the kittens see a veterinarian before going to their new permanent homes?

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Yes, all our kittens visit the licensed veterinarian at least three times.

Are your kittens registered?

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Yes. All of litters get registered with TICA (The International Cat Association) and each kitten gets a Breeder Slip

Do your offer for adoption your retired adult cats?

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Yes. Any cats offered for resettling or our retired adult cats will be fully vaccinated and healthy, best trained and finding the right home for a small contribution to partially cover costs.

What do you feed your Cats and Kittens?

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It's difficult to name specific brands because it's challenging to find a food that would perfectly suit all the cats and kittens in the cattery. Especially considering that we often import breeder cats from other countries, and such cats have their own food preferences. Sometimes we have to refuse a familiar food because the manufacturers change the recipe or the meat processing method. Therefore, I would say that we choose the highest quality food regardless of whether it's a raw diet, dry food, or wet canned food. Don't worry, if you buy a kitten or a cat from us, you will receive detailed information about what your kitten is eating.

What type of litter do you use?

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We use the Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter.

Do you support De-clawing?

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ABSOLUTELY NOT! Declawing is a cruel and unnecessary amputation of the final digit and can lead to lifelong phantom pain.

Do you deworm your kittens?

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Yes. We deworm our cats and kittens on a regular basis.

I’m hesitant to buy a male kitten because I’ve heard they are prone to spray.

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A male kitten that is bought as a pet and neutered between 3 and 6 months of age should not spray.

How do I deal with the clawing issue?

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We train our kittens at an early age to use appropriate scratching surfaces such as a scratching post with sisal rope. Cats love it! I recommend that you trim your cat’s claws every 2 weeks.

How friendly are your cats?

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Our kittens are socialized from birth with daily human contact. Our cats are very friendly and affable.

How do your kittens get along with children?

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They get along perfectly with children and find common language with other pets. But it is important that you supervise young children with your new kitten, also that you teach them how to correctly handle the kitten and that the kitten gets time out away from the children to sleep.

What is the difference between males and females?

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Males are considered the “lap cats” they love everybody, and are a great family cat. They are the first to greet you and anyone else who is new, at the door, look at you as if asking “Can we play now? What are you doing?” They want to be involved with everything.
Females are more independent and usually adopt only one or two people. For singles and couples without children they are the best choice. When children or people come by who they do not know they are under the bed, or very reserved. Not all females are this way, and this cattery breeds for more friendly female behavior. However, if you want to be owned by a cat the female is the best choice. Be prepared to sleep with her on your pillow.

My partner & I work full time should I consider having 2 kittens?

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Yes, it is really nice for the kitten to have company. We have sold many kittens in pairs.

Can I have a kitten on a trial basis?

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Definitely not. Our kittens are not toys, they are living creatures that we have brought into the world, raised, cared for and loved. We are looking for secure, permanent, loving homes to ensure our kittens have the happiest lives possible.

When and how often you take photos of your kittens?

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We take the first photos of the kittens at 10-12 days old, after all kittens in the litter have opened their eyes. The next photos are taken at 3-4 weeks old and again at 9 weeks and 11-12 weeks.

What if I have questions other than those listed here?

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Please feel free to send us any other questions through the form on our Contact page.

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