Oriental shorthair and Siamese kittens for sale

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Meet Our Adorable Kittens

At Cataristocrat Cattery, we are a family-run business with a passion for breeding and raising healthy Oriental Shorthair and Siamese kitties. Our cattery is a place where we can share our love of these beautiful kitties with others, and we take great care in providing a nurturing and loving environment for all of our feline residents. We prioritize the health and well-being of our kitties and ensure that they receive regular veterinary care and vaccinations. If you are considering adding a new furry friend to your family, we invite you to learn more about our cattery and the kittens. We believe that our kitties make for the perfect companions, and we are confident that you will find the perfect match at our Cattery.
Black Oriental Shorthair male kitten for sale is playing

Hi, I'm Salem

10 week old Oriental shorthair Male.

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Oriental shorthair cat for sale from Cataristocrat

Hi, I'm Jiji

46 week old Oriental shorthair Female.

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black Oriental Shorthair kitten for sale

Hi, I'm Freyja

10 week old Oriental shorthair Female.

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Siamese kitten for sale from Cataristocrat cattery

Hi, I'm Zuri

45 week old Siamese Female.

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5 week old Siamese male kitten for sale in a kid room

Hi, I'm Shiro

10 week old Siamese Male.

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Hi, I'm Sultan

47 week old Oriental shorthair Male.

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We just brought our new baby, a beautiful black female oriental shorthair, home last week from picking her up from...

Chip Ross testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Chip Ross

Austin, TX

My new kitten is incredible. She is beautiful, active, playful, and social. More than that, Cataristocrat was helpful and prompt...

Anthony Arcario testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Anthony Arcario

Knoxville, TN

This was by far the best experience with a breeder that I could’ve asked for. Olga was quick to respond...

Courtney Pierce testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Courtney Pierce

Pataskala, OH

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