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Welcome to our Cataristocrat family page!
Here you can find almost all our alumni around the world and see their beautiful families. We maintain a close relationship with most of them. Even though of all of them live in wonderful families of their own, we continue to believe that they are part of our huge CataristocratFamily.
Small girl examining a kitten adopted from Cataristocrat Cattery with a stethoscope at a veterinarian clinic
An adorable Oriental Shorthair kitten from Cataristocrat Cattery is sleeping cozily under a blanket on a couch
Teenager holding and petting an Oriental Shorthair kitten from Cataristocrat Cattery in a car
A baby Oriental Shorthair kitten from Cataristocrat Cattery is being held on someone's knees.
A smiling boy holding an Oriental Shorthair kitten in a kitchen
4-year-old girl playing with Oriental Shorthair and Siamese kittens climbing on post tree at Cataristocrat Cattery
A cat from Cataristocrat Cattery wearing a red Santa Claus hat
A child playing with a playful Oriental Shorthair and Siamese kittens adopted from Cataristocrat Cattery.
Man kissing his black Oriental Shorthair kitten purchased from Cataristocrat Cattery
Two Oriental Shorthair cats from Cataristocrat Cattery peacefully sleeping on a couch.
Two oriental shorthair kittens adopted from Cataristocrat Cattery resting on ottomans
A veterinarian holding a black Oriental Shorthair kitten adopted from Cataristocrat Cattery with a Christmas tree in the background
Baby girl holding a gray Oriental Shorthair kitten at Cataristocrat Cattery
Young man holding a black ticked Oriental Shorthair cat purchased from Cataristocrat Cattery on a couch
Mom and daughter lovingly petting their Siamese kitten from Cataristocrat Cattery
Oriental shorthair kitten from Cataristocrat Cattery lying next to a baby on an armchair
Boy kissing black Oriental Shorthair kitten adopted in Cataristocrat Cattery
Olga Shatokhina, owner of Cataristocrat Cattery, with a visitor holding an Oriental Shorthair cat
A girl holding a kitten adopted from Cataristocrat Cattery
A teenager holding a kitten adopted from Cataristocrat Cattery
Jacobs-Rod-facebook-reviewer-of-Siamese-and-Oriental-cattery cataristocrat


This was by far the best experience with a breeder that I could’ve asked for. Olga was quick to respond...

Courtney Pierce testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Courtney Pierce

Pataskala, OH

Thank you Olga for letting me buy this lovely bengal female, Julya.. I picked Julya because I wanted a snow...

Mette Koch testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Mette Koch

Klippinge, Denmark

I have been wanting an oriental shorthair for years and with much research, luckily found CatAristocrat. Olga couldn't have made...

Jeane McKenna testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Jeane McKenna

Whitman, MA

Olga is amazing she made everything come together and found a way to get Setsuko to me sadly and securely...

Margee Fisher testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Margee Fisher

Saint Paul, MN

Cataristocrat is a great cattery. Olga goes the extra mile to keep you informed, the website, updates, FAQ and pictures...

Kate Saab testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Kate Saab

Hubbaedston, MA

The transition from Cataristocrat was very easy considering the plane ride to get here. Olga helped me feel secure and...

Janet Russell testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Janet Russell

Arneys Mount, NJ

Worth. Every. Penny. As a veterinarian that has taken care of animals for more than 20 years, I could not...

Elizabeth Johnson testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Elizabeth Johnson

Natick, MA

We just brought our new baby, a beautiful black female oriental shorthair, home last week from picking her up from...

Chip Ross testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Chip Ross

Austin, TX

We recently got the most beautiful Oriental Shorthair from Olga and her cattery and we could not be more pleased...

Cami Rosario testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Cami Rosario

Manhattan, NY

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