Adult male Siamese cat is sitting on a table
Introducing our Siamese male cat, born in our cattery from an imported Siamese mother from Poland and an imported Oriental father from Hungary.   He stood out as the largest in the litter, boasting the biggest ears, which led us to select him as a future breeder. He has grown into a robust and muscular cat with vibrant blue eyes. Not only does he possess impressive physical traits, but his character is equally remarkable. He adores human interaction, showcasing a playful and inquisitive nature. Legend has it that our Siamese male cat, Sushi, got his name from a captivating tale within our cattery. One serene evening, his curiosity led him on an adventure. Following the enchanting aroma of spices, he embarked on a journey through the garden. There, he found an ancient tree with fruits resembling sushi rolls. Intrigued, Sushi fearlessly sampled the fruit, and a breeze whispered ancestral secrets, intertwining the tree's magic with his essence. This endowed him with wisdom and a vibrant spirit. Since then, Sushi's playful and inquisitive nature has charmed all he meets. Like the fusion of flavors in sushi, he symbolizes the blend of character, curiosity, and connection defining our cattery.

Hi, I'm Sushi2-year-old Siamese Stud.

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  • Full Name
    Cataristocrat Sushi
  • Breed
  • Color
  • Date of Birth
    July 18, 2022
  • Place of Birth
    United States
  • Trademark
    Large ears are set wide apart. Bright blue eyes, muscular body.
  • Health
    FIV/FeLV negative. GM1, MPSVI and PRA n/n
  • Registration
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