Black Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair Queen of Cataristocrat
Let us introduce you to our stunning black spotted tabby female Charlotte. With her exceptional straight profile and strong chin, she embodies the ideal qualities of an Oriental shorthair cat. Her beautiful black-spotted coat is truly striking, and she is sure to turn heads wherever she goes. As a breeder cat, she possesses all the key traits necessary for producing exceptional offspring. Her strong chin is in perfect alignment with her nose, a characteristic that is highly valued in breeding programs. In addition to her physical beauty, Charlotte has a delightful personality. She is friendly, curious, and always ready to play. Charlotte is an import from the Czech Republic, adding to her unique and exotic appeal. She brings with her the finest qualities of her breed, carefully selected and bred to produce exceptional offspring. We are proud to offer this stunning feline as a part of our breeding program.

Hi, I'm Charlotte2-year-old Oriental shorthair Queen.

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  • Full Name
    Charlotte Orikava
  • Breed
    Oriental shorthair
  • Color
    Black Spotted Tabby
  • Date of Birth
    April 26, 2022
  • Place of Birth
    Czech Republic
  • Trademark
    Strait profile, strong chin
  • Health
    FIV/FeLV negative. GM1, MPSVI and PRA n/n
  • Registration
    tica logowcf logo


My experience with Cataristocrat was absolutely wonderful. Olga was very helpful and knowledgeable.. and I could not love my princess...

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Michelle Morris

North Branford, CT

This was by far the best experience with a breeder that I could’ve asked for. Olga was quick to respond...

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Courtney Pierce

Pataskala, OH

We spent a considerable amount of time researching Bengal breeding catteries and were fortunate to find Cataristocrat. Paradea is our...

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Todd Jackson

Westerville, OH

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