Our Retired Cats

We are looking for somebody without other pets and small children to adopt our Retired cats. A breeder cat has a different personality than a domestic pet cat. They lived engaging in natural sexual behavior for a long time and their personality has already developed, unlike a kitten which can be easily trained. Adult cats need more time to settle into a new home. Please think twice before deciding to adopt an adult cat who was a breeder.

Oriental cat PRINCE SIAMES movie poster Oriental Cattery Cataristocrat

O’Kay Senior Prince Siames
Stud of Cataristocrat
Breed Oriental Short Hair
Color Chocolate Ticked Tabby
Color code OSH b 25
Place of birth 🇷🇺 Russia
Trade mark Long tail, big eyes
PRA rdAc N/N
FIV/FeLV (2016)- negative
Registration user  user
Genetic formula A/a-b/b-C/cs-D/D-i/i-L/L-Ta/tb-o/o-s/s
SBT SBT 042415 000
Date of birth April 24, 2015
Status Retired

This cat came from Siberia! But we got this nice guy thanks to Luis Azcarate! This wonderful boy is extremely gifted. This big cat has amazingly green eyes and a long tail, which is to be expected for Orientals. And yet, he enjoys playing like a kitten and will do all he can to get attention.

For our Senior Prince, we are looking for a family without any other pets and small children. Cats that were bred and follow their instincts usually fight with other animals. That is their nature. However, it is ok to add a kitten to a new family with other pets, but it does not work with adult cats. It takes a long time for a cat that was used for breeding to become accustomed to its fellow house pets and no one can predict the behavior of such a cat. It may start to spray (doesn’t matter neutered male or spayed female) or show the stress in some other way. In the past, our retired cats were adopted by single people or families without small children and other animals. In such cases, adult animals adapt to new homes without problems. I understand that there are cases when two adult animals can successfully get along. We don’t want to experiment with our cats. In our Cattery, some cats fight with each other, but others get along just fine. This is due to new cats coming to the Cattery as young kittens, so they have no problem getting along with our cats.

We are looking for the best family for him. He is healthy, neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and has TICA registration papers.
We ask $300 adoption fee


  • If you would like to adopt Senior Prince Siames, please fill this contact form and tell us why you woud like to do that. To ensure our cats go to the best of homes we would appreciate if you could provide some information about you.