Queen “Maleficent”


Impero Di Gatti Maleficent
Queen of Cataristocrat
[Total: 2 Average: 5]
Breed Bengal
Color Black Silver Spotted Tabby
Color code BEN ns 24
PKdef N/K
PRA-b user Pending…
FIV/FeLV (2016)- negative
HCM (2016)- clean
Registration user
Genetic formula Apb/a-B/B-C/C-D/D-I/I-L/L-tstb
SBT SBT 020215 036
Date of birth February 2, 2015

Maleficent is our youngest. She is very bright, whether it be her robe or her temper. Her appearance fits perfectly with the idea of what a Bengal cat should look like. Maleficent is an F8, meaning that she is from the 8th generation of Asian leopard cats. She can be trained and cares for her kittens with a lot of attention. We very much like this very sociable girl.