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The subsequent pair of publications comprises two Cohort studies that have meticulously examined the enduring ramifications of pediatric gonadectomy in feline subjects. The findings derived from these studies offer compelling evidence supporting the safety and viability of conducting gonadectomy procedures in cats under 6 months of age. Additionally, the subsequent reports encompass two distinct investigations focusing on feline neutering, comparing cats neutered beyond or prior to 24 weeks of age. Intriguingly, these diligent researchers have unearthed no discernible escalation in the incidence of maladies or other health-related issues in felines subjected to early neutering.

Long-term risks and benefits of early-age gonadectomy in cats (Source ).


  1.   Studied 1,660 cats adopted from shelters
  2.   Early-age gonadectomy beneficial in male cats
  3.   Asthma, gingivitis decreased in both sexes
  4.   Gonadectomy is safe in cats under 6 months of age

Results of that study also suggest that prepubertal gonadectomy may result in some unidentified protective effect on the urinary tract, compared with traditional-age gonadectomy in some cats.

Long-term outcome of gonadectomy performed at an early age or traditional age in cats (Source ).


  1.   Health status of cats monitored for 3 years
  2.   No increase in physical or behavioral problems
  3.   No increase in infectious disease in either group
  4.   Early-age neutering did not increase problems
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