If you've been searching for healthy, high quality Bengal kittens for sale, look no further. You've come to the right place.

We have the most incredible selection of kittens in the US. We are on a never-ending quest to improve the health and appearance of the Bengal breed as a whole.

Bengals are such loving and tenderhearted cats that we could only hope that you would try to love them as much as they love you. Their love is unconditional. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, if you’re sad and having a bad day, it makes them sad and they want to cheer you up! When you’re happy, they are happy and just want to be by your side in everything you do.

They are very playful, yet laid back, as far as disposition goes, and absolutely love attention and to be loved on.

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“King” Bengal Male

Black Bengal kittens for sale
Breed Bengal
Age 125 weeks
Sire WildStyle Just My Imagination
Dam Impero Di Gatti Maleficent
Color Black (Melanistic)
Color Code BEN n
Birth weight 2.86oz/81g
Health PKdef, PRA-b - N/N by parentage
Vaccination Done!Have been vaccinated against:
- Feline Rhinotracheitis
- Calicivirus
- Panleukopenia
- Chlamydia
Date of Birth May 25, 2018
Price $1200
Status at new HomeThe kitten is at new home)
Waiting for Love
Release date in September
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