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Meet Our Adorable Siamese Kittens

Welcome to Cataristocrat Cattery, where we specialize in breeding and raising healthy Siamese kittens. Our family-run business is dedicated to sharing our passion for these stunning felines with others, and we take great pride in providing a nurturing and loving environment for our furry residents.

Our Siamese kittens are the epitome of beauty and grace, with their sleek coats and bright blue eyes. We prioritize their health and well-being, providing regular veterinary care and vaccinations to ensure that they are always happy and healthy.

Thank you for considering Cataristocrat Cattery for your new feline friend. We look forward to sharing our love of Siamese kittens with you!
Available Siamese kitten for sale

Hi, I'm Feta

4 week old Siamese Female.

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Available Siamese kitten for adoption

Hi, I'm Hong Kong Sooie

4 week old Siamese Male.

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I want to thank Olga for our sweet boy Stormy. We’ve had him just over a week and he has...

Angela Westfall testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Angela Westfall

Buckhannon, WV

Olga made the process of getting an Oriental Shorthair so enjoyable and easy for us. She was in frequent communication...

Laurel Beutler testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Laurel Beutler

Portland, OR

We recently got the most beautiful Oriental Shorthair from Olga and her cattery and we could not be more pleased...

Cami Rosario testimonial for Cataristocrat Cattery

Cami Rosario

Manhattan, NY

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