Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse the most frequently asked questions about our Oriental Shorthair cats and kittens and you may easily find the answer to your question.
In this section, we try to answer any questions that you may have about our Cattery. Thank you!


What Breeds do you work with?
CataristocratWe specialize in solid Modern Shorthair Orientals. We also breed Siameses.
Do you have a special education for breeding?
CataristocratYes! I have a diploma of felinologist. And I do a lot of continuing education in this field. And of course, experience is my main teacher. I have been breeding since 2010.
How often do you have (or expect to have) new litters of kittens?
CataristocratTypically, we have 6-9 litters per year. Each queen is limited to 1-2 litters per year to protect their health. It is important to me to keep it low, so that I may get to know, love and kiss each baby daily, before they are ready to go to their forever homes.
Why do you have a Contract?
CataristocratA contract is designed to protect both parties, by having expectations in writing for both the buyer and the seller. It makes it easier to do business when you both have the same understanding.
Do you offer a health guarantee?
CataristocratYes. Kittens come with a written health guarantee against serious hereditary and congenital defects. We guarantee our kittens do not have fleas, ear mites, and ringworm.
I am opposite to vaccinations. Do you vaccinate all of your kittens?
CataristocratI will not vaccinate your kitten if you are against vaccinations, but you must let me know as soon as possible. They get their first vaccination around the age of 8 weeks.
If I reserve a kitten can I name them?
CataristocratIf the kitten’s name has not been registered at the time of viewing, I have no problem letting the new owners choose a name for their kitten.
Do you sell kittens with breeding rights?
CataristocratWe do not sell our kittens with breeding rights at the moment.
Do you offer Stud Service?
CataristocratWe are a closed cattery and do not offer Stud service.


How much do your kittens cost?
CataristocratThere is no set price on our kittens. Because each kitten is unique, we price on an individual basis while considering coat color, coat appeal, body structure etc. Generally speaking, our prices range from $2800 to $5000 for kittens as pets.
Do you ship your kittens?
CataristocratYes. We ship kittens via any Airlines where animals are kept in a climate controlled environment at all times. Kittens are scheduled to arrive on the same day of shipping. We usually ship kittens on Friday mornings. Kittens arrive the same day by early afternoon to late evening. We will provide you with a schedule. Your kitten will arrive in a carrier, so you will not need to bring one with you. At the time of pickup from the airline, you are required to show identification. Shipping does not imply that we deliver kittens to your door. Shipping costs an additional $450 within the U.S. and includes a travel crate, vaccination against Rabies and veterinarian’s health travel certificate (CVI).