Our cattery

Cats lovers all over the world, welcome!

imageWelcome indeed to my site. My name is Olga, and I am the founder of the Cattery «Boutique Aristocrat».

I established my small cattery in 2010 and registered it with the World Cat Federation (WCF) and more recently with The International Cat Association (TICA.) I am established in Ashland, Ohio. I breed Oriental and Bengal cats at the highest standards to produce the best cats possible. In order to get better results, my family & I  have decided to concentrate our activity on monochrome Oriental and charcoal silver Bengal cats.
Our cats live with us as family members, are fed Orijen, the world renowned cat food and are vaccinated as per recommendations. Experienced vets, whom we may contact 24/7, care for and vaccinate them. At home they enjoy the most favourable environment to develop properly, including scratching posts, toys and houses. Whether sluggish or tireless, our little hellions will find their needs met and will be able to express their own character. We keep them surrounded by classical music and/or natural sounds which helps in their development.бенгальская кошка

I hope you find this page informative. You are welcome to ask any question you have at my e-mail, please also write reviews and comments in our guest book and visit my Facebook page, where you can input any comment you might have.
I want to thank my family for their great help in maintaining the nursery, for listening to and understanding all of my ‘ideas.’ Among the many friends that have also helped us, all of whom I thank so much, special thoughts go to  Laurent Grumberg for setting up this site in English.

For the love of cats, Olga Shatokhina