The Siamese Queen “Ida”


Siamese cat Ida movie poster Cataristocrat

Ida Perly Orientu/FI
Queen of Cataristocrat
[Total: 4 Average: 5]
Breed Siamese
Color Chocolate Point
Color code OSH f
Place of birth ?? Poland
Trade mark Big ears, blue eyes
PRA rdAc N/N
FIV/FeLV (2019)- negative
Registration TICA  FIFe
Genetic formula a/a-b/b-cs/cs-D/d-i/i-L/L-T/T-o/o-s/s
SBT SBV 111318 046
Date of birth November 13, 2018
Pedigree user Pending…
Status Active

Meet Ida! This brave girl has come a long way from her home in Poland! We are so glad that Ida has become part of our family. This Siamese cat is full of energy and endless purrs. She is always up for hugs and kisses! Ida is gifted with bright blue eyes that attract everyone’s attention. Even if Ida is upstairs, her big ears hear the sound of canned food opening in the kitchen. This cat is the best playmate for our young daughter.