The Oriental Stud “Dorian”

Oriental cat Dorian movie poster Cataristocrat

Hu Shagio-Chen Dorian
Stud of Cataristocrat
[Total: 10 Average: 4.9]
Breed Oriental Short Hair
Color Black
Color code OSH n
Place of birth ?? Hungary
Trade mark Big ears, muscular body
PRA rdAc N/N
FIV/FeLV (2018)- negative
Registration TICA  FIFe
Genetic formula a/a-B/B-C/cs/-d/d-i/i-L/L-ts/ts-o/o-s/s
SBT SBV 051218 000
Date of birth May 12, 2018
Pedigree user Pending…
Status Active

At Cataristocrat we have our own partialities with Oriental cats. For a long time, we were looking for an Oriental male with big ears, a strong muscular body, long legs, and green eyes. Dorian has an elegant and athletic silhouette; it was exactly what we were searching for. His body type resembles European Orientals. He came to us from a prestigious Hungarian cattery. Dorian is a unique boy! Our whole family fell in love with him when we saw his photograph. He is well socialized and slept with our son from the very first night he arrived in our home. He is so energetic and Playful! This hooligan is so entertaining and fun. Dorian is a healthy, young cat and we hope to get fantastic kittens from him!