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Please choose a desired kitten from the select field. Additionally, we kindly request that you provide some background information about yourself to ensure that our cats are placed in the best possible homes. If you have any further questions, please refer to our FAQ page for answers.

At Cataristocrat, we want to assure you that your application is important to us, and we carefully consider each one. However, please understand that there are other applicants as well, and we give priority to those who already have our cats and to applicants who have applied earlier.

For detailed information on pricing and the purchasing process, please visit our Pricing and Purchase Info page.

Please note that your personal details will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of your request.

Thank you for your interest in Cataristocrat!

Applying for an Available kitten

Will you require shipping for your kitten?(Please note that we are located in Ohio)

Cargo shipping within the U.S. costs around $500 and includes a travel crate, vaccination against Rabies and veterinarian’s health travel certificate.
Alternatively, you can arrange for an independent pet nanny to hand-deliver the kitten to you.

Do any members of your household have allergies to cats?

Please explain in the message why you think you can adopt our kitten(s).

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Tips for Bringing a New Oriental
or Siamese Kitten Home

When you purchase a kitten, it is very important to remember that the baby moving into a new home is under a lot of stress and you should be patient and understanding during this rather busy period. All cats, like humans, are individuals, so the reaction to the move and the duration of the adaptation will be different for each and every one of them.


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