“Gagarin” Oriental Male Kitten

Oriental kitten for sale, Oriental short hair cattery
Rating 4.5
Breed Oriental kitten
  Sire Senior Prince Siames
  Dam Coco Chanel
  Color Black solid
  Color Code OSH n
  Birth weight 3.10oz/88g
  Health PRA rdAc – N/N by parentage
Vaccination 05.09.2017Have been vaccinated against:
– Feline Rhinotracheitis
– Calici
– Panleukopenia

  Date of Birth March 11, 2017
  Status in New Home“AVAILABLE” means this kitten is available to reserve.
“RESERVED” means this kitten has now been reserved for someone and they have placed a deposit/holding fee on this kitten.
“KEEPER” means I am keeping this kitten for my own breeding program.
“OPTION” means that we are giving the kitten some time to develop more to see if it’s a keeper for our breeding program

  • We don't have any Oriental kittens available at the moment, but, we hope to welcome some beautiful kittens later in Fall 2017. If you wish to be added to our waiting list for a kitten, please fill this contact form to tell us exactly the breed, color and sex of desired kitten. To ensure our kittens go to the best of homes we would appreciate if you could provide some information about you.
Price: $1000
Buyer: Bobbi Voelkel Nissen
Deposit: April, 17 2017